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Frequently Asked Question's

Question 1.

Will the Stinger units work with fence vegetation?

Yes! The electrical term for high voltage and high current at the same time is high peak power. The higher the peak power, the more vegetated fence can be charged. Of course, if there is minimal vegetation load on the fence, the energizer will work even better.

Question 2.

What is a high guard voltage?

A high guard voltage is required to jump from the wire through the hair and fur of the animal onto their skin and into their muscle tissue. But the loss of current through the vegetation increases dramatically as the guard voltage is increased. So a key aspect of a functional fence operating with vegetation load is to regulate the guard voltage.

Question 3.

What is the best choice for my permanent fences?

The AC Models are the best choice for permanent fence charging where there is 120v power available. The DC Models are excellent for portable, temporary and rotational grazing applications. The DC Models are designed to operate from standard 12V lead-acid automotive, deep cycle, or gel-cel batteries. A 12v solar panel added to the system will extend the battery life.

Question 4.

I need to keep wildlife out, how do I do this?

Wildlife control requires a higher guard voltage to jump through thicker hair or fur. This means that the fence must be clean of vegetation - which is a good idea to make the fence more visible as well. Special fence construction is required for successful wildlife control, see details in our PDF.File size 175 Kilobytes.

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