Stinger, Electric Fence Energizers that Work!

Stinger fence energizers come in four models, choose which is right for you.

AC Models - The best choice for permanent fence charging where 120v power is available.
AC Energizer Data Sheet PDF 171KB

DC Models - For portable, temporary and rotational grazing. Use a standard 12v lead-acid, deep cycle or gel-cel battery. Solar panels can also be used.
AC Energizer Data Sheet PDF 432KB

Invoices will read Comleco Inc.

AC5J Energizer

AC5J Stinger Energizer
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AC3J Energizer

AC3J Stinger Energizer
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DC2J Energizer

DC2J Stinger Energizer
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DC1J Energizer

DC1J Stinger Energizer
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"Bossy" the cow behind a Stinger energized fence! (Sparks not visible in real life.) Click here to View products.

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