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About Stinger Products Inc.

Stinger Fencer designs come from the premise that fence energizers need to work in real world conditions. That is a fence has to keep the cows in, and/or predators out!

It started on the Baker Cattle Farm in Alberta.

It was the late sixties. The Bakers had almost every variety of beef cattle imaginable, and it seemed impossible to keep all the cattle in the pasture at once. The small Angus would crawl under - the Hereford would plow through - the Ayrshire and Holstein would jump over.

Conventional electric fencing didnít work.

There were two main problems:

  1. In a cow-calf operation the calves walked under the wire and the cows would plow through the fence to "save" their babies. (From -uh- the gophers?)
  2. Also, as soon as a blade of grass grew up and contacted the fence it became useless. (The harder you grab onto the wire, the less shock you feel.)


One day, to teach those dumb cows a lesson, the boys hooked one fence wire to the spark plug on their John Deere BR and dangled the chain from the drawbar onto the ground as the cows were in a line reaching through the fence. Rather than witnessing a shocking success, they started to learn about what does not work.

So what happened?

The Bakers surmised that the fence wires were probably shorted together at the corner posts. There was a lot of grass on the fence and the energy available from the magneto started at too high a voltage and there was not enough current to make a shock on the fence, and have enough left for a cow to feel.


This initial setback, inspired the Bakers to set out to design a capacitive discharge fence energizer that had 100 times more current than a JD magneto and had a regulated output voltage to pack a shock onto an existing permanent fence.


With the wires stapled directly to the wood posts - even when the fence was armpit high with grass you effectively charge existing fences without need for vegetation control!


Capacitive discharge technology and components have come a long way in 30 years resulting in a functional and reliable product that is backed by the industries best 3 year warranty that includes damage from lightning.

The product range has expanded to accommodate more specific customer demands with several different models to suit applications for animal training, and predator control. Energizers with high output power are designed to work effectively in heavy vegetation to control livestock and extra high voltage models are more suitable for control of bears and deer.

What we are working on.

Sorry, we have not tested with wild kangaroos, dingos, or herds of rabbits. And sorry, a single energizer will not really be useful on a 100-mile fence either.

Our web site provides you with information on the various models of Stinger fence energizers as well as information dealing with aspects of specialty electric fencing.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories, please let us know.

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